Sensory Delights: Only Lovers Left Alive // Lower Spectrum // Indigolab // Marlais // Benedict Carey // Stèv // FREE DNLDS

Thanks for the write up Debussy and Dorsey!

Debussy & Dorsey


It’s been a little while between posts for me- to make up for my laziness, I’m offering 6 recommendations in one post!

Last month I saw Jim Jarmusch’s newest film, Only Lovers Left Alive, where Tilda Swinton and Tim Hiddleston play an ancient vampire couple, coping with the existential angst which comes with eternal life. The film is a sumptuous experience: the unique atmospheres of modern day Tangiers and Detroit providing a sense of eternal decay mirrored by the organic textures of the costume and set design. I doubt I’d actually see this movie again- it was a fantastic, unsettling experience but the rambling dialogue, for me, was best enjoyed only once. Like a very decadent weekend with very intense friends you hung out with at uni who have now become professional artists- where you drink way too much but don’t eat and end up light-headed, hungover and doubting…

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I'm a composer and sound artist from Australia living in Hamburg, Germany. I do most of my work on a computer or with live instruments and sometimes I develop software tools for making experimental music. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in anything I am working on :)

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