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spectra2midi – a Max/MSP utility for sorting FFT derived pitch material information down to a more managable size, in real-time. Similar to HPCP, uses a histogram to track recurring spectra and ranks them according to both their frequency of occurrence and the amplitude of those occurrences. This data is expressed as microtonal midi information with an attached velocity. To install simply place the folder in your Packages folder and install MaxScore and Zsa.descriptors (links in helpfile)

NetScore – The NetScore package is a modular system for transmitting MaxScore generated music scores via WebSockets. It works with any browser interface, so a common application of the package is to display real-time generated scores on smartphones and tablets, either locally or over the net. Requires Max/MSP on OS X or Windows.

SpectraScore_beta_0.4.1 OS X – Max/MSP abstraction – 24/01/2016

Special thanks to Georg Hajdu and Nick Didkovsky for allowing me to include MaxScore in this Beta distribution.

to install:

This software is not possible without the MaxScore Package and the zsa.descriptors library from Mikhail Malt and Emmanuel Jourdan. Install zsa.descriptors from here http://www.e–

Install MaxScore with the installer from (for the scoring features to work, a JMSL license must be purchased, or a demo version installed from here

Add the downloaded folder to your max search path (in Max 7/packages is a good place)

to use:

Open up the help file to get started with this new external style Max/MSP abstraction

Have fun 🙂 for any questions, or if you want to get involved in an interactive spectral music project, email me at

Download SpectraScore_beta_0.2-OSX-m4l – 23/02/15  Max4Live support on hold at this stage… should work on current platforms, untested…


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