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Interested in music and recording services? Looking to cut your own record? OPEN EAR can take your idea all the way through to production and distribution! Simply contact me ( or 0404 687 368) – I will happily provide a free quote for any of our sound production services and chat with you about your project. If I am not available for your project I can still recommend a tailored solution or alternative engineer/composer that will suit your needs and budget 🙂 We are also happy to arrange production of your recording to any medium of your choosing including iTunes, vinyl, printed USB keys, CD, Cassette tape – with no run too big or too small.

See below for some examples of our previous work…

Andy Golledge

‘Lie to Me’

Richard Tognetti and Jon Frank

‘Dream’ from The Glide

Film by Jon Frank, Mixed and Mastered by Bob Scott,

Composed, Produced and Recorded by Richard Tognetti with Benedict Carey (original production)

Corrina Bonshek

As Small Birds Play

Film by Rachael Jones, Performed by Sue Newsome

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Benedict Carey



Guo Zhiyuan (郭芝苑)

Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano, 1st Movement

Performed by Peter Anthony Smith (Clarinet) and Andrew D’Azevedo (Piano)

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Benedict Carey


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